[Sunset Notice] Meya Community Slack
Greetings Meya Community Slack Members,

You may have noticed that we’ve been quiet in this Slack community during the last few months, and as our valued bot-building partners, we’d like to find a way to support you better in building awesome bots.

In 2017 we introduced our Universal subscription plan that offered expanded platform functionality and dedicated private channels. As time passed, we’ve found that balancing private Slack channels together with a public Slack community is more than our growing team can manage effectively (as we’re hard at work innovating and evolving the platform), and it’s time to make some changes.

Going forward, all support engagement with our legacy customers is being moved to email-based support. Simply send an email to support@meya.ai and we will address your requests in priority order. Universal subscribers can continue to engage with us through their dedicated support channels.

The Community Slack Workspace will remain available until Monday, July 9th, however we recommend legacy plan customers transition to email support right away.

We will continue to assess our support capability and look for opportunities to better support all of our customers.

Please feel free to reply to me directly with your feedback, or if you’re interested to learn more about what the Universal plan has to offer please reach out to sales@meya.ai to discuss.